Leaving a Positive Legacy

Building relationships. Living our values.

Equinox Gold looks for opportunities to create lasting, positive benefits in the regions in which we work.

Stories from Site

Being a good neighbour

Equinox Gold strives to facilitate meaningful improvements to the well-being of our workforce and community partners, and to the ecosystems surrounding our mine sites.

At all of our operations, we work with our community partners to identify areas where we can have the greatest positive impact and then implement or fund numerous projects focused on healthcare, education, infrastructure improvements, and environmental protection. We also organize programs for our workforce and communities focused on safety, personal health, water conservation, energy reduction, and other initiatives that are consistent with the Company’s business strategy and corporate values.

There are too many initiatives to document them all, but here are some of our favourite stories from our mine sites.

Responsible Mining

Operating with integrity

Responsible mining is our core focus, and sustainable practices are integral to the success of our business strategy.

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