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Leaving a Positive Legacy

Building relationships. Living our values.

Equinox Gold looks for opportunities to create lasting, positive benefits in the regions in which we work.

Stories from Site

Being a good neighbour

Equinox Gold strives to facilitate meaningful improvements to the well-being of our workforce and community partners, and to the ecosystems surrounding our mine sites.

At all of our operations, we work with our community partners to identify areas where we can have the greatest positive impact and then implement or fund numerous projects focused on healthcare, education, infrastructure improvements, and environmental protection. We also organize programs for our workforce and communities focused on safety, personal health, water conservation, energy reduction, and other initiatives that are consistent with the Company’s business strategy and corporate values.

There are too many initiatives to document them all, but here are some of our favourite stories from our mine sites.

  • National Indigenous Peoples Day

    Equinox Gold celebrates National Indigenous Peoples Day

  • World Day for Safety and Health

    Equinox Gold celebrates World Day for Safety and Health!

  • International Women’s Day at EQX

    Equinox Gold celebrates International Women’s Day!

  • Mesquite Mine Emergency Rescue Team Rescues Missing Dog

    Equinox Gold’s Mesquite Mine Emergency Rescue Team (MERT) was called to rescue Jemma, a missing dog found on site.

  • Desert Bighorn Sheep

    Castle Mountain Mine teamed up with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and researchers from Oregon State University to conduct research on a herd of desert bighorn sheep.

  • Angela Vasconcelos recognized as one of the 100 Inspirational Women in Mining

    Equinox Gold’s Vice President of Administration and Finance, Brazil, Angela Vasconcelos, has been recognized as one of the “100 Inspirational Women in Mining”.

  • National Truth and Reconciliation Day

    Equinox Gold and Greenstone Mine are taking a moment to pause, reflect, and commemorate the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation and Orange Shirt Day.

  • Mesquite Mine pours its 5 millionth oz of gold

    Equinox Gold is proud to announce that the Mesquite Mine poured its 5 millionth ounce of gold on July 20, 2022.

  • World Environment Day

    In honour of World Environment Day, Equinox Gold highlights its partnership between Castle Mountain Mine and the Desert Research Institute in supporting the conservation of Joshua trees.

  • World Day for Safety and Health at Work

    Equinox Gold announces the winners of the Chairman Safety Award, COO Most Improved Safety Award, and CEO Safety Leader Awards.

  • Earth Day

    To celebrate Earth Day, Equinox Gold is highlighting some of the projects underway at our Los Filos mine complex that support the preservation of biodiversity and environmental remediation.

  • Sustainable Community Development

    As a sustainable community investment project, Equinox Gold has repaired and upgraded the water distribution network in Aurizona Village and installed a new water treatment plant to provide water sufficient for the community’s needs.

  • International Women’s Day

    Equinox Gold is proud to be an equal opportunity employer with a workforce that reflects the ethnic and gender diversity of the communities in which we operate.

Responsible Mining

Operating with integrity

Responsible mining is our core focus, and sustainable practices are integral to the success of our business strategy.

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