Leaving a positive legacy

Equinox has robust management systems, policies and safeguards in place to manage the potential impacts of our activities.

Equinox Approach

Equinox is committed to achieving excellence in environmental performance. We implement international standards, principles, and best practices to prevent and mitigate the environmental impacts of our activities, and look for opportunities to contribute to environmental stewardship initiatives and scientific research.

Incident Management

A core element of managing our environmental impact is tracking the frequency and nature of environmental incidents. Our Incident Reporting Guidelines ensure appropriate reporting, investigation, level of control, and response are applied to all incidents.

Climate Action

In 2022 we published our climate action strategy with the target of achieving a 25% reduction in our GHG emissions by 2030 (compared to forecast “business as usual” emissions were no intervention measures taken). We have identified the main sources of energy use and consequent GHG emissions at our mine sites, and use these data to set reduction targets and review and report on progress. Concurrently, we are investigating potential alternate energy sources for each site.

Water Stewardship

Water is an important resource in mining and a critical resource for our host communities and for the flora and fauna surrounding our mines. We work in collaboration with local stakeholders to address concerns and water-related challenges for both the Company and communities and strive to reduce our freshwater use and reuse water where possible.

Tailings and Waste Management

Two core elements of our responsible mining strategy are to protect the health and safety of our workforce and local communities, and to minimize and mitigate our impact on the environment. That includes ensuring mine waste, such as waste rock and tailings, is safely managed, and that all of our waste rock and tailings storage facilities (TSFs) are properly designed, physically and chemically stable for long-term storage, and routinely inspected and audited.


Equinox Gold is committed to protecting the species and habitats of the areas in which we operate and promoting conservation of local biodiversity. Our biodiversity management plan includes monitoring and reclamation of habitats for local species, maintaining plant nurseries to grow native species for progressive reclamation, and purchasing and protecting undisturbed land to protect natural ecosystems.

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