Equinox Governance

Meeting high standards

Equinox’s leadership team understands that having strong governance policies and oversight strengthens performance and reduces risk.

Equinox Approach

Equinox’s success as a company, in both the public markets and the communities in which we operate, is based on sound corporate governance and ethical business practices. Strong governance of ESG issues flows from the highest level of the organization, creating clear accountabilities across multiple reporting lines.

Corporate Governance

Equinox’s executives and directors have established governance policies that provide the framework for the Company’s corporate culture and business practices. All of our employees, consultants and representatives are expected to act responsibly and in accordance with laws and regulations, and undergo annual Code of Conduct and Business Ethics training to ensure they are aware of and in compliance with the Company’s expectations.

Board Governance

Equinox carefully considers director nominations to ensure our Board has the skills and expertise required to oversee our activities and advise on corporate strategy. We also ensure the majority of our directors are independent to avoid potential conflicts of interest.

Business Ethics

All of Equinox’s directors, officers, employees, contractors and third parties with whom we do business must comply with applicable laws when acting on behalf of Equinox Gold, and we encourage these individuals to report any known or suspected breach of this policy or the Code of Conduct and Business Ethics.

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