Creating the Premier Americas Gold Producer

Delivering on growth strategy

Equinox Gold has grown quickly from a single-asset developer to a diversified gold producer with a path to achieve one million ounces of annual gold production.

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Built on a foundation of respect

Equinox Gold’s corporate culture is built on a foundation of respect. The Company has created an inclusive environment that leverages the skills of its leadership team and workforce and strives to inspire and motivate its team. The Company’s core values – integrity, accountability, teamwork, and excellence – define its culture and guide every decision.

Strong team

Committed to success

Equinox Gold’s leadership team has advanced projects around the world, from grassroots exploration through to feasibility, construction, and operations. At each of these projects and companies, the team has committed to hiring and training locally, taking the time to build relationships with the local people and bringing benefits to the communities in which they work.

Strong relationships

Creating partnerships

Just as Equinox Gold is committed to building strong relationships with its community partners, the leadership team works hard to build relationships within the company. Equinox Gold’s success to date and in the future is dependent on the experience and hard work of its team. The Company values the input and expertise of its team members and encourages people to contribute their ideas.

Strong ethics

Operating with integrity

Equinox Gold is a team of proven and experienced mining professionals dedicated to identifying promising assets and developing them into world-class mines, operating to the highest environmental, social and safety standards. The Company invites you to join the team as Equinox Gold works to achieve its vision of becoming the Premier Americas Gold Producer.


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Equinox Gold is looking for individuals who want to be part of a high-functioning team and are committed to the Company’s success, just as the Company is committed to the success of its team.

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