Share Structure

NYSE American: EQX

Equinox Gold’s common shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the NYSE American Exchange under the symbol “EQX”.

Share Structure

At February 20, 2023, Equinox Gold had the following securities issued and outstanding:

323.6 M

Common shares

8.8 M

Options and RSUs

71.8 M

Potential shares from convertible notes

404.3 M

Fully diluted shares*

*The fully diluted share count assumes full conversion of in-the-money convertible notes. Equinox Gold has three convertible notes outstanding: US$139.7 M due April 2024 convertible at US$5.25 per share, US$139.3 M due March 2025 convertible at US$7.80 per share, and US$172.5 M due October 2028 convertible at US$6.30 per share. If all three notes were fully converted, the Company would issue 71.8 M shares.



Top Shareholders

Based on the most recent reports on Form 13F filed by institutional investment managers, Equinox Gold’s top shareholders include:

  • Van Eck Associates
  • Ross Beaty (individual shareholder and Chairman)
  • Kopernik Global Investors
  • Donald Smith
  • Sprott Asset Management
  • The Vanguard Group
  • Baker Steel Capital
  • Cobas Asset Management
  • Mackenzie Financial
  • Orion Mine Finance

Responsible Mining

Operating with integrity

Responsible mining is our core focus, and sustainable practices are integral to the success of our business strategy.

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