Equinox Gold celebrates Earth Day

In celebration of Earth Day, Equinox Gold is highlighting initiatives across our Brazil and US operations aimed at preserving biodiversity and conducting environmental remediation.

Fazenda Mine, Brazil

Equinox Gold’s Fazenda Mine demonstrates how mining can progress from exploration to closure sustainably, with environmental protection in mind. The Lago III tailings dam, which had a reservoir area of 368,814 m², was in use for 13 years. When the tailings dam was no longer needed, the Fazenda team reclaimed the area by planting vegetation and restoring the land to its natural state.



Castle Mountain and Mesquite, USA

Earlier this year, Equinox Gold partnered with a local Nevada agency, Springs Preserve that manages a science/ecology museum in Las Vegas, which has an extensive botanical garden display. Springs Preserve asked Equinox Gold if we could donate mature cactus and yucca species, salvaged from our Castle Mountain mine site, to help create a new garden for the museum. We were happy to help and delivered the plans in March.  

Mesquite Mine is marking Earth Day by organizing a litter cleanup along the 6-mile access road to the mine. The Environmental Department asked for volunteers, and a group of employees will spend their morning cleaning up the litter that gets blown in from nearby recreational areas and highways.

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