World Day for Safety and Health

In recognition of World Day for Safety and Health at Work, Equinox Gold is proud to report that six of its eight mines had no lost-time incidents during 2022 and the company overall achieved a 30% improvement for health and safety performance compared to 2021, with a Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR) of 2.17 per million hours worked. This accomplishment is a testament to the team’s focus on doing things right the first time, and identifying and mitigating risks before accidents happen. Equinox Gold congratulates and thanks its entire workforce for their excellent safety performance.

To reinforce our safety culture and encourage innovation and leadership, Equinox Gold’s safety recognition program provides three awards for safety excellence.

The Chairman’s Safety Award acknowledges the mine site with the best safety performance for the year. The winner for 2022 is Fazenda, with a TRIFR of 0.80 per million hours worked. Fazenda also passed the milestone last year of 2.9 million hours worked without any lost-time injuries, an outstanding achievement. Congratulations to the Fazenda team!

The COO’s Most Improved Safety Award for the mine with the greatest safety improvement relative to the previous year goes to Greenstone with a 47% reduction in its TRIFR compared to 2021. This is a great result and recognizes the efforts at Greenstone to improve safety. Congratulations to the Greenstone team!

The CEO’s Safety Leader Award recognizes individuals who have gone above and beyond their normal duties and displayed exemplary safety leadership. While there were worthy nominations from every site, the 2022 recipients are:  

  • 1st Place – Washington dos Santos Gonçalves, who works at RDM. Washington introduced fixed work platforms to replace scaffolding to reduce falling risks when working at heights.
  • 2nd Place – Elder Tomé Bispo Oliveira, who works at Fazenda. Elder introduced two new tools to safely handle 45-gallon drums of kerosene: the “drum catcher” and “drum wheel”. Work is safer, well organized and much more efficient thanks to Elder’s innovation.
  • 3rd Place – César Augusto Miranda Santos, who works at Aurizona. César worked with his team to have a guard fabricated to place above an opening to prevent potential falls. Previously, the team had to wear fall protection when performing maintenance work in that area of the mine.

Congratulations to the 2022 winners for safety excellence!

Left to right: Washington dos Santos Gonçalves, Elder Tomé Bispo Oliveira, César Augusto Miranda Santos

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