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Equinox Gold Brazil launches new volunteer program

Equinox Gold has taken another step to strengthen its social commitment to the communities located around its operations in Brazil. On August 28th, when National Volunteer Day was celebrated, Equinox Gold Brazil launched VoluntEQX, a program that was launched to support the Company’s values of responsibility and teamwork.

According to the Vice President of Finance and Administration and project ambassador, Angela Vasconcelos, the idea of creating VoluntEQX was in the company’s plans but gained strength mainly from suggestions coming from the employees themselves. “I participate in and lead voluntary initiatives on a personal level, and I see how important this contribution is to make a difference in the lives of those in need. VoluntEQX will be an opportunity to encourage even more people in these positive actions, while also providing more effective and targeted action for the company,” said Angela.

The program registered in the first 15 days more than 60 employees who, in addition to helping others, will have the opportunity to develop team, leadership and empathy skills. The majority of those enrolled already carry out or have carried out voluntary actions on their own and will be able to contribute ideas and learning during the program.

Vice President of Government Relations and Permitting, Cesar Torresini, emphasizes that the new initiative will further reinforce the company’s social responsibility policy. “It is worth mentioning that before the launch of the program, Equinox Gold’s Brazil team had already been implementing voluntary actions in local communities,” highlights Cesar.

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