Equinox Gold’s Young Apprentice Program

Equinox Gold’s initiative at the mine Aurizona (MASA) in Maranhão is paving the way for a more inclusive and diverse workforce. In collaboration with Senai, the company has launched a special edition of the Young Apprentice Project tailored exclusively for women. This forward-thinking investment aims to equip young women from communities such as Aurizona, Barão do Pirucaua, and São José in Godofredo Viana (MA) with the skills needed to thrive in traditionally male-dominated fields like mechanics and industrial electrics.

Kicking off in March 2024, this edition of the project offers 20 exclusive spots for young women who have undergone a rigorous selection process. This process includes assessments in Portuguese, mathematics, and general knowledge, alongside group dynamics and written evaluations. Once selected, participants embark on a year-long journey of intensive training at Senai, starting in April.

Ana Paula Caetano, spearheading the project in the Human Resources department, emphasizes the dual focus of preparing these young women for promising careers while also equipping them with highly sought-after technical skills. “By providing industrial technical courses, the project not only prepares participants for a promising career, but also equips them with valuable skills that are highly demanded in the job market,” says Ana Paula.

The project’s most significant impact lies in its commitment to promoting women’s participation in traditionally male-dominated industries. “By challenging established norms and promoting equal opportunities, Equinox Gold opens up new horizons for young women in the region,” adds Ana Paula.

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