Working together to support environmental protection

Equinox Gold is committed to implementing best practices to prevent and mitigate the impact of mining activities on habitat and species loss, and to promote conservation of local biodiversity.

Habit Reclamation

Equinox Gold is celebrating World Environment Day 2021 by highlighting reforestation activities underway near our Aurizona Mine in Brazil, as well as programs in place to monitor and protect bat species near our Mercedes Mine in Mexico. Equinox Gold undertakes progressive reclamation at all of its mine sites and has numerous projects underway to protect the plants and animals that live near our projects.

Click here to read more about Equinox Gold’s reforestation efforts near Aurizona and the bat protection programs near Mercedes.

Conservation and Protection

Equinox Gold celebrated Earth Day 2021 by highlighting some examples of projects that focus on biodiversity conservation at our Castle Mountain Gold Mine in California, USA. The Castle Mountain team has numerous projects underway to protect species of interest in the region. The team also partners with local conservation groups to promote local biodiversity, and looks for opportunities to contribute to environmental stewardship initiatives and scientific research.

Click here to read more about Castle Mountain’s projects to protect Desert Bighorn Sheep and Golden Eagles.

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