Become a million-ounce premier gold producer

Equinox Gold’s leadership team has a proven track record of identifying and successfully advancing undervalued assets. The team’s success is rooted in decades of industry experience and a wide range of skill sets. 



Equinox Gold’s team has the experience to recognize and execute on opportunities, and the skill set to successfully advance its projects.


The team’s commitment to community engagement and transparent communication allowed them to successfully resolve government and community issues at their previous projects in West Africa and the Americas and successfully advance the projects to production.


Equinox Gold’s exploration team has substantial hands-on experience with grassroots, development and operating project exploration. The team is supported by directors and advisors with decades of exploration experience.

Mine builders

Equinox Gold’s executives and directors have more than 500 years of cumulative experience, have launched and grown numerous resource companies, and have successfully advanced 50 mines to production, in some of the world’s most challenging jurisdictions.


Equinox Gold’s executive team and directors have collectively raised more than $5 billion in the capital markets, bringing value to shareholders by funding exploration campaigns, executing M&A transactions and successfully advancing resource projects.


By leveraging the exploration, engineering, operations, financial and communications expertise of its executives and directors, Equinox Gold has the skills required to identify, evaluate and quickly execute on new opportunities that will bring value to the company.

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