Meet the Team

Mine builders. Explorers. Leaders. Innovators.

Equinox Gold has fostered a culture that leverages the skills of its leadership team and employees, and the Company strives to inspire and motivate its team. The Company’s core values – integrity, accountability, teamwork, excellence – define its culture and guide every decision. 

Meet the Team

integrity, accountability, teamwork, excellence 

The team at Equinox Gold comes from a wide range of diverse backgrounds and expertise, from all over the globe. Meet the individuals who continue to contribute to the success of the company. A new team member will be featured every Monday. 

Florita Binuya

Florita Binuya
Payroll Accountant

I was born in Manila, Philippines, where I finished my Bachelor's in Accounting with honors. I have held various accounting and finance roles after obtaining my license as a Certified Public Accountant. Also, out of curiosity with call centers being popular in the Philippines some years ago, I did a short stint as technical support for an internet provider, where I learned a great deal about interacting with people.

I immigrated to Canada in 2009 and have worked in different industries including banking, charitable institutions, software, and engineering. Though these organizations varied in nature, I brought the same passion for upholding accounting and payroll values to every role.

I joined Equinox Gold as Payroll Accountant in June 2021 after completing my Certified Payroll Manager course. This is my first experience in the mining industry, and I am very inspired by the mining industry culture.

What I do during my free time depends on the season. In wintertime, I enjoy baking and cooking to share with my family and friends (contributing to their added calories while hibernating during the cold weather). In spring, I enjoy gardening and in the summer, I like to relax on the nearby beach. 

Philippe Lebleu

Philippe Lebleu
Director of Mining Engineering

Do you know that tricky trivia question: “ Give me the name of five famous Belgian persons”? …well now you only need to find four more! 

I was born in Bruxelles, Belgium, on a cold rainy day… like most days in Belgium. Thankfully, soon after, my parents moved to Southern France where I spent most of my childhood in a drier, sunnier environment, until I was accepted to study Mining Engineering at the Royal School of Mines in London and got reunited with cold rainy days.

I have since been fortunate enough to work across the globe and become immersed in various cultures. I started my career in Malaysia where I managed operations and projects across the country, learnt to scuba dive, ate my way through Indian, Malay and Chinese cuisine and finally mastered eating with chopsticks after four years in the country.

I was then recruited by Rio Tinto to work in Western Australia in their large open pit iron ore mines in operational and technical roles. My fondest aussie memories are of living and working in the middle of the bush, staring at the milky way with my naked eye, finding an Australian wife, learning to surf and diving with whale sharks off the Ningaloo reef.

I have now been living in Canada for more than 10 years, working for various mining companies in copper, gold and zinc, and with an international mining consultancy. In this latter role, I managed a team of engineers working on feasibility studies and operational improvements in Africa, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Norway, Peru and the USA. My greatest consulting assignment was probably in New Caledonia, working on a feasibility study for a nickel project, while on a paradisiac Hawaii-like French island.

I joined Equinox Gold in 2021 as Director of Mining Engineering, based in Vancouver. I am providing technical support to our operations and projects in Canada, the USA, Mexico and Brazil. The job involves frequent travelling but allows me to interact with a lot of talented and welcoming technical people in the four countries we operate in.

I try to make the most out of what Vancouver has to offer and kite surf, play tennis and volleyball in the summer, and ski and play squash in the winter.

Angela Vasconcelos

Angela Vasconcelos
VP of Finance and Administration, Brazil Region

I was born and grew up in Belo, the capital city of Minas Gerais State, Brazil. I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Business Administration, and completed an MBA and post-graduate work in Finance. I started my career as a trainee in Accounting and then as Finance Manager for a Public Bus Transportation Company. I also worked as a university professor for almost four years, teaching Cost Accounting, Planning and Financial Math.

I started working in the mining sector in 2004 and worked for several Brazil-based mining companies before joining Equinox Gold in 2018 as VP Finance and Administration for the Brazil region. I am responsible for all financial aspects of our Brazil operations. My primary goal is to help the Brazil mines be more efficient in terms of cost savings and enhancements. I also oversee our focus on achieving high levels of governance at the Brazil operations.

I am also closely involved with Human Resources, with a focus on developing our people and culture so we are creating a positive and rewarding work environment and positioning ourselves to be an employer of choice. As a woman in an industry that has historically been male-dominated, I am also actively involved in initiatives that support gender diversity. I’m very proud that Equinox Gold has become a signatory to the Women in Mining Brasil movement and is actively supporting and encouraging women to pursue a career in mining.

When not at work, I am busy with my husband and two young boys. We love outdoor activities and spend many weekends camping or at the beach. I also enjoy gardening and have recently started working with some philanthropic institutions, fulfilling a lifetime wish to do more to support underprivileged people.

Henry Graham

Henry Graham
Vice President, Internal Audit and Risk

I was born and raised in Pretoria, South Africa and moved to Canada in 2017 with my wife and children. I received my Bachelor of Commerce and Honors from the University of Pretoria and later completed my Certified Internal Auditor designation. I’ve been working in the mining industry since 2007, first as an internal audit consultant at KPMG and later in the risk management department of a diversified base metals mining company. I enjoy working in the mining industry and find the mix of people with the wide range of skills everyone brings very interesting.  I also appreciate the fact that everything we use in our everyday lives has been either mined or grown.

I joined Equinox Gold in August 2020 to lead the Internal Audit and Risk Management functions. Through the functions of internal audit and risk management we get an in-depth understanding of the business and add value by reducing risk and identifying opportunities for control improvements that can result in cost savings. From an internal audit perspective, my team ensures compliance with the Sarbanes Oxley act and also conducts operational internal audits to help strengthen the control environment and identify areas to improve efficiencies. From a risk management perspective, we’ve helped to formalize and enhance the risk management practices that were already in place and this year will be conducting ESG assessments to support Equinox Gold’s ESG reporting initiatives.

I am also very passionate about leadership as I believe people are the key to success of any business. One of my favourite quotes is from Richard Branson: “Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

I enjoy living in Vancouver and spend a lot of time outdoors with my family, either camping or hiking, and I enjoy reading adventure or detective books.

Jennifer Ward

Jennifer Ward
Mine Engineer

I am currently the Short-Range Planner and Drill & Blast Engineer within the Technical Services Department at Western Mesquite Mines located near Brawley, CA. I work on daily, weekly, and monthly plans for all major pieces of equipment as well as all blasting designs and drill plans. I work closely with our blasting contractor group as well as key departments onsite including Operations, Maintenance, Geology, Process, Safety, Finance, and Environmental. The path that I have taken to get to where I am today has been non-traditional.

My original field of study was Journalism and Anthropology. I found college to be unfulfilling and decided to explore different avenues. I sought out a variety of jobs over several years and eventually decided to start a business. I founded an online consignment shop where people would bring me their goods and I would sell it for them at a fee. The business was successful and after three years of owning and operating it, I decided to return to college part-time to obtain a degree in Business.

Living in South Dakota at the time, the closest school was the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. As a part of the application process, a tour of three different departments was offered. I only had an interest in seeing two, the Physics and Computer Science departments. The third one was chosen for me, and it happened to be for the Mining Department. During that tour I met a professor who was so passionate about Mining and the opportunities the industry afforded, the technological advancements, and the people that it positively impacts. This professors’ passion resonated with me to the point that I wondered if he were this passionate simply talking about mining, how fulfilling a career in mining would be. I decided to sell my business and return to school full time to obtain my degree in Mining Engineering and Management.

My entry into the Mining Industry was at a surface coal mine. I started in the Mid-Range Planning group where I worked on special projects including access road designs, dump designs, separation of light vehicles and heavy equipment. I had the opportunity to become the Reclamation Engineer and learnt about Reclamation & Geomorphic designs and implementation in the field. Next, I became Drill and Blast Engineer and was able to obtain my blasting license and worked with the blasting crew daily.

As a part of the company’s Engineering development program, I transitioned to the Environmental Department. There I oversaw compliance, permitting, vegetation studies, rill and gully surveys, and wildlife. I was one of the main representatives for our onsite regulators, managed and mentored the summer interns, and was able to become a certified supervisor (something required at coal mines) and helped to manage the Re-Vegetation crew.

I departed this site to pursue an opportunity to develop the Environmental Department at a startup gold mine. This work was both challenging and rewarding. In 2019, I joined the Environmental Department at Western Mesquite Mines and continued the same type of Environmental work, but with a “California” regulatory twist. During this time, I took on the challenge of the recertification for the Cyanide Code as project manager. In 2020, an opening for Short Range Engineer became available and although I enjoyed my time in Environmental, I took the opportunity to get back into Engineering, my roots. This brings me back to where I am today.

I have been incredibly lucky for the opportunities that I have been given and the ones that I have created. I am appreciative to those that have mentored and supported me along this journey. I am especially grateful to be a part of the amazing team here at Mesquite Mine. The relationships that I have been able to cultivate throughout the mine site are invaluable. I look forward to the continued development of myself and my fellow co-workers.

Corné Lourens

Corné Lourens
SVP Technical Services

I was born in a small coastal town in South Africa and grew up in towns and cities along the coast. I wanted to become a geologist but couldn’t afford university tuition. I was conscripted into the military for two years of national service, defending the borders of South Africa during the Angolan Civil War. During this time I was able to obtain a work bursary with a large mining company called Anglo American and became the first in my family to go to university.  

I completed my degree in Metallurgical Engineering at the Vaal Institute of Technology and also an MDP at GIBS University, both in South Africa, and this education gave me the opportunity to travel to nearly 30 countries over 35 years, including places in Afghanistan and Sudan. My work has been primarily managing gold production, with a strong emphasis on managing the design, construction and commissioning of gold processing facilities. I excel in the production environment and enjoy the process of working in a team to overcome challenges. By focusing on honesty, transparency, working hard and leading by example, I’ve worked successfully in many countries with people from many different cultures.

I spent three years in Brazil overseeing operations at Equinox Gold’s Brazil mines and moved to Canada in July 2021 to join the corporate team. In my current role as Senior Vice President, Technical Services, I provide oversight and guidance to the technical teams covering mining engineering, mineral processing, project evaluation and development, I provide second level review on technical studies and help to maintain good working relationships with operational management. A particularly interesting part of my job is researching new and emerging mining and mineral processing technologies, including green technologies and alternate mining and processing methods. Most recently I’ve been very focused on commissioning our new Santa Luz Mine in Brazil, at which we’re using a proven but uncommon resin-in-leach processing flow sheet. It was very exciting to support and enable the first gold pour on March 30th, and I look forward to helping the team ramp up the new mill to full capacity.

In my spare time I enjoy time with my wife and our three adult kids. We all share a passion for travelling, red wine, fast cars and motorbikes. My reading interests span macroeconomics, anthropology and modern history, when I’m not reading white papers on advances in metallurgical processing technologies. I also love to sail. I’m a qualified skipper for sail and power vessels up to 80 feet and have sailed around the north east and south west coastlines of South Africa with a catamaran, which is something I hope to get back to soon!

Rhylin Bailie

Rhylin Bailie
Vice President, Investor Relations

I was born in Montreal, Canada, grew up in Kelowna, British Columbia, and completed my degree in Environmental Studies and Biology at the University of Waterloo in Ontario. I had planned to be a wildlife biologist and did work as a biologist for two field seasons, one in the Yukon and one in Death Valley. Through a strange twist of events, however, a three-week contract with the communications team at Placer Dome in the fall of 1995 has turned into a very rewarding career in the mining industry. I ended up working in the Treasury department at Placer Dome for 11 years, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but it wasn’t what I “wanted to be when I grew up.” I’d always loved writing and editing, so while working at Placer Dome I also started my own editing business and found myself working full-time in finance during the day and working full-time as an editor and writing coach at night and on the weekends. When Placer Dome was taken over by Barrick, I was lucky enough to find a job that let me put all of my writing, editing, technical and finance skills to good use – investor relations – which it turns out is exactly what I want to be when I grow up.

I took my first investor relations role in 2006 and worked for a number of resource companies before joining the Equinox Gold team in 2016. As Vice President Investor Relations, I’m responsible for all internal and external communications. I answer questions from investors and I manage the website, presentations, press releases, videos, social media, investor outreach and marketing. I also help other departments and the mine sites with their communication materials. Basically, anything that’s written about the company at some point flows across my desk. When not at work I’m with my husband, three kids and three dogs, or I’m cycling, running or indoor rock climbing.

Suzanne Chan

Suzanne Chan
Treasury Manager

I was born and raised in Vancouver after my parents immigrated to Canada from Hong Kong. I obtained my Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of British Columbia and my professional accounting designation while working at Quebecor World Vancouver. I’ve been working in the mining industry for over 18 years and was with First Quantum Minerals before joining Equinox Gold in 2011. At Equinox Gold, I’ve held positions in corporate accounting and treasury. My main responsibilities for my current role as Treasury Manager include overseeing and managing the gold sales process for all mine sites, assisting the Group Treasurer in cash management, compiling monthly Treasury reports and schedules, and identifying opportunities to improve and standardize processes and reporting in Treasury.

When I am not working, I am usually driving my kids to figure skating and swimming practices. I love trying and looking for new restaurants (especially dessert shops) in town. I also love to travel so I hope that we will be able to travel freely (without any restrictions or quarantine requirements) soon!

Cheryl Lesperance

Cheryl Lesperance
Manager, Indigenous Relations at Greenstone Mine

Boozhoo, MiigaazoshkiI Kwe indizhinkaaz. (Hello, my name is Fighting Woman). I am Anishinaabe and a member of the Red Rock Indian Band. I was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario and spent my early years growing up in Geraldton on Treaty 9 Territory. My father worked as an underground miner at the Macleod Mosher Mine, which is now the Greenstone Mine. Mining provided for our family, but my father always lived off the land and our childhood was spent on the trapline. Although Pop was a trapper, he taught us to have respect for all living creatures and he regularly brought home animals that were injured or abandoned. A favorite memory is waking up one morning to a baby deer slipping and sliding on our living room floor and a baby owl perched in the corner. Notable furry and feathered guests included an ornery seagull named Henry the Eighth and a baby caribou named Boo. They lived with us until Pop could patch them up or they were old enough to fend for themselves. When they were ready, all animals were released to where they belonged: land, water or sky.

When I was 11 years old, my parents bought a commercial fishing outfit and we moved to our homelands of Biinjitiwaabik Zaaging Anishinaabek on Robinson-Superior Treaty Territory. We were home and it was at that age that I knew I would always live with my people.

I raised my family in our current home on the Red Rock Indian Band. My four children were between the ages of 4 and 10 when I decided to pursue post-secondary education. I obtained my Business Diploma from Northern College and have since taken many courses to supplement my learning journey. I’m particularly interested in reconciliation and have enjoyed a number of courses in this compelling area.  

I have been part of the Greenstone team for a little over 10 years. In my role as Manager, Indigenous Relations at Greenstone Mine, I work directly with my people and it’s been rewarding to witness the growth of the Indigenous communities from early exploration to now. I love being part of the consultation process and it’s been interesting to understand how Traditional Knowledge is incorporated into project design. Highlights of my career have been participating in ceremonies with the communities. I’m still learning, and I’ve appreciated the loving guidance from my Elders and Knowledge Holders.

In my spare time, I spend every moment I can with my family and my beautiful one-eyed cat named Cappy. I have a passion for refurbishing old furniture and collecting family heirlooms. These days, the sweetest moments are spent with my four grandchildren. We work hard as a family to teach them who they are as Anishinaabe and they are blessed to have the greatest teacher, their great-grandfather, “Gaga”. This will help and guide them on their beautiful journey called life. 

Baamaapii (until later)

Ronny Arellano

Ronny Arellano
Cybersecurity Analyst

Born and raised (for the most part) in Southern California, as the first-born of immigrant parents, I got to see my father go through the struggle of achieving the American dream. The example he set was instrumental in my success and failures throughout my military and IT career.

I served in the Marine Corps from August 2011 to August 2015 as a Field Wireman/Tactical Switchboard Operator in Camp Lejeune, NC. It was just a fancy name for working with telephone systems. I was tasked with building and maintaining telephone systems using old school phones and VoIP phones as well as building working relationships with adjacent units to facilitate troubleshooting and mission execution. I was also afforded the privilege of earning the secondary MOS of 0933 – Combat Marksmanship Coach. During annual qualifications, I was temporarily reassigned to be a designated coach for our unit’s Marines. I would assist Marines with their technique to make sure they obtained a qualifying score at the range (which was a critical component of promotions). I was honorably discharged on August 21, 2015 at the rank of Corporal and moved back to California.

In November of 2015, through a veteran networking program, I was informed of an IT position opening at Western Mesquite Mines. I joined the Mesquite IT team in December 2015 and by the end of 2016, was also volunteering for the Mine Emergency Response Team (MERT). In 2017 I applied for the Emergency Services Technician position and worked with the Safety team for six months before returning to IT, although I continued to be involved with MERT as the Day Crew Captain. During my time in Safety I obtained multiple certifications and helped to develop new training programs for MERT using methods I learned in the Marine Corps.

I remained at Mesquite until October 2020 when I assumed the role of corporate Cybersecurity Analyst. Getting into cybersecurity has been my goal since I got my first computer in 1999. My main priority is filtering through logs and alerts to catch any cybersecurity risks or vulnerabilities and remediate them. On top of that, there are always projects for new tools, re-evaluating current tools, tracking new threats across the industry and maintaining compliance against various metrics. I’ve been able to take some common practices from Safety and apply them to our cybersecurity program, including emergency response plans, SOP templates and risk management methodologies.

Work hard, play hard. When I’m not working, I’m either playing some form of tactical game on my PC with my gaming community, at the gym lifting weights, or whatever hobby I’m hooked on. I tend to jump from hobby to hobby, based on whatever has piqued my interest, and have dabbled in many things including music production, electronic music, software development, 3D printing, video editing, photography, vehicle repair, home repair and many more. The only things I don’t really follow are sports and pop culture.

“If, at the end of your day, you learned nothing new, then it was a wasted day.”

Deanna Miller

Deanna Miller
GIS and Data Geoscientist

It was a childhood family trip to Hawaii that awakened my interest in geology. Although I was raised in beautiful Kelowna BC, a visit to Maui’s lava fields really piqued my interest. All these years later my passion remains.

I hold a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Victoria, where I studied biology and earth and ocean sciences. At the start of my career, I worked in a biology lab performing conifer embryogenesis research. Jumping at a change of pace (and escape from my lab) I signed on with a Canadian diamond exploration company for a summer contract job in the Arctic. From that first field season working as an assistant to a quaternary geologist, I discovered that my sense of adventure and love of travel could thrive with a career in geology. Since then, I have worked as an exploration geologist for almost two decades in numerous commodities across North America and Africa.

In 2013, my husband, twin children and I transplanted ourselves to Johannesburg, South Africa for a one-year expatriate assignment working on a copper-silver project in Botswana, which was a wonderful experience. After returning to Canada, I registered as a Professional Geoscientist with the Engineers & Geoscientists Association of British Columbia and worked within government for several years before joining Equinox Gold in March 2021.

As Equinox Gold’s GIS and Data Geoscientist on the corporate exploration team, my main responsibilities are managing spatial data, creating visuals, graphics, and maps from spatial data, and overseeing land tenure.  I challenge myself to look at data in new ways that will best serve our company. I am happy to be working with such an incredibly talented team and interesting portfolio of assets.

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, and our pug dog Piccal. I am an avid reader, devoted gardener, I enjoy cooking, practicing yoga, and am an active outdoorsy parent to my children. I am currently studying Portuguese and look forward to practicing when I visit our projects in Brazil. 

Jacqlin Anthony

Jacqlin Anthony
Associate General Counsel

I am a dual Canadian-New Zealand citizen – aka a ‘Caniwi’. I was born in New Zealand and grew up on an apple orchard in Marlborough, located at the top of the South Island. I hold a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration and a Bachelor of Laws from Victoria University of Wellington. I am a member of the Law Society of British Columbia, an enrolled barrister and solicitor of the New Zealand High Court, and a board member of the BC Chapter of the Association of Corporate Counsel. I began my professional career in 2000. During my university studies, I worked as an assistant at the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX), providing services to the business, including the legal team. In 2005 I joined DLA Piper in their Wellington office, where I primarily advised clients on corporate and securities law matters. My background in listed issuer work is what initially led me into mining. Working as in-house counsel for mining companies has allowed me to contribute to an industry that provides key products used in society while helping to ensure that those products are produced in sustainable and ethical ways. I am the Associate General Counsel at Equinox Gold and my practice covers all matters relevant to the operation of a multi-national mining company.

In my free time I like to keep active. I’m a keen skier, tennis player, runner, walker, hiker, camper and swimmer. I’m a regular on the Grouse Grind (it doesn’t seem to get any easier!) and I love being on the water, including sailing, stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking. I love music and can’t wait to go to concerts again as pandemic restrictions ease. I’m a frequent podcast listener, and a favorite is the BBC’s Desert Island Discs. I’m a long-time subscriber to the New York Times and complete the Spelling Bee most days.

Marco Cavasin

Marco Cavasin
Vice President Taxation

My parents immigrated to Vancouver from Italy. I was born and raised in Vancouver and continue to live here with my wife and two teenage sons.  Growing up I was very active and rarely home.  I played a number of sports (soccer, football, rugby, swimming) and kept busy with jobs starting at a young age.

I obtained my professional accounting designation while working at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and obtained a master’s degree in International Taxation at the same time. I eventually worked for one of my larger clients as their Manager of Global Taxation before joining Equinox Gold in late 2020.

As Equinox Gold’s Vice President Taxation, I oversee the global tax function to be sure we’re paying the right amount of tax in the regions in which we operate.  I work directly with our regions to manage tax issues and ensure our reporting obligations are met.  I also work with our finance and corporate development teams to consider the tax implications and maximize the value of various projects and transactions.  Tax law is constantly changing, both within Canada and the regions in which we operate, and I must keep on top of those changes and what they mean to Equinox Gold.

Outside of work I try to stay active.  I’m usually in the gym at least five days a week.  I also play recreational soccer and enjoy coaching my son’s soccer team.  If there is time after that, I enjoy reading, good food, good wine and good company. 
Gordana Vicentijevic

Gordana Vicentijevic
SVP Project Development

I grew up in the small town of Vreoci, Serbia a rural area outside of Belgrade. The number one employer in the area was the Kolubara coal mine; therefore, a career in mining seemed a natural choice. I earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical in mining engineering at the University of Belgrade before I immigrated to Canada, where I later completed my Master’s degree in Engineering Management from the University of Alberta. For two mining professionals with two young kids, the Yukon was just the first stop of many places my family has lived over the last 26 years. Being in the mining industry enabled me to work at many mining sites around the globe and see places I most likely wouldn’t have otherwise, such as Mauritania, Liberia, South Africa, Peru, Brazil and Russia. I am fascinated to learn about different cultures and to see the way teams operate in such remote regions, and I’ve been fortunate to work on some of the most complex mining projects with the most dynamic teams.

In my role at Equinox Gold as Senior Vice-President, Project Development, my main responsibilities are to provide oversight of progress on major capital projects, consistent with the Company’s strategies to be safe, on time and on budget, while ensuring optimal value creation. In addition, I’ve been working with the Corporate and Regional Project Management Teams to develop and monitor relevant project development protocols (project controls, reporting etc.) to ensure successful project execution.

When I’m not working, I am spending time with my family, especially my soon-to-be one-year-old grandson. My husband and I also love to travel, something we hope to do more of again post-pandemic. My flight activity of choice is listening to the latest business best sellers on audiobook. If you’ve got any recommendations for my next “read,” I’m all ears.

Ligia Pannu

Ligia Pannu
Office Manager

I come from an Italian background, was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil and immigrated to Canada with my family in 2001. I have spent most of my career in the mining industry with over 12 years in Office Administration. At Equinox Gold I am the Office Manager, working with my colleagues on a diverse range of administrative tasks including managing our employees’ benefit plans, onboarding new employees, arranging travel and logistics bookings to the mine sites, organizing mine site visits, planning company social events and much more. Mining is a culturally diverse, challenging and exciting industry. Each new day brings many surprises!
Before entering the mining industry I worked in different industries such as Hospitality and Education. I studied International Business Management at Langara College and received another diploma in Event Planning & Marketing from BCIT. During my studies, I had a very memorable internship in Italy where I worked for a wedding planning company and planned 30 destination weddings in four months! I have also worked in an English Language Studies school recruiting students from Brazil to study in Vancouver. Keeping balance in life is very important to me. I focus on yoga and hiking, but what runs in the family is dancing and arts. Above all, my absolute favourite thing to do is travelling to different countries and experiencing new cultures, cuisines and languages. I am a huge wine enthusiast, studied to be a wine sommelier and completed my Wine and Spirit Education Trust Level 3 course.

Payam Rahmdel

Payam Rahmdel
Director, Advanced Analytics

I was born and raised in northern Iran, near the beautiful Caspian Sea. Growing up I played a variety of sports and even pursued a professional career in basketball. I got my B.Sc. in Electronic Engineering at the University of Azad University of Sabzevar in Iran and then followed the academic path towards an M.Sc. program in Kyungpook National University in South Korea that was transferred to the Middlesex University London in England where I completed a combined Masters/Ph.D. in Computer Science. I moved to Canada in 2014 to take a postdoctoral fellowship position in Data Science at the University of British Columbia and joined Equinox Gold in September 2020.

As Director of Advanced Analytics at Equinox Gold, I’m responsible for helping our organization to get the most value from our data assets through data science. There are valuable insights hidden in our data, and my role is to help different parts of our organization to better access, process, analyze and action on the insights both at the corporate and the site level. I also focus on data science challenges at the site level such as predictive maintenance and remaining useful life of components, downtime analysis, optimized truck dispatching to reduce fuel consumption, and analytics process automation to help our organization be more efficient with resources.

Anju Lama

Anju Lama
Administrative Assistant

I was born and raised in New Delhi, India. However, my family is from Nepal and moved to India before I was born, so I am Nepalese. I completed my Bachelor of Public Administration in New Delhi at Indira Gandhi National Open University. In 2017, I moved to Canada for my family and further pursued my career in IT. In 2021, I began working at Equinox Gold as an Administrative Assistant to expand my industry experience. At Equinox Gold, my role is to provide administrative support to the team to ensure the efficient operation of the office. I am also the smiling face that will greet and assist you when you enter the office. When I’m not working you can find me cooking and trying new recipes or eating out and trying new cuisines. I also do Zumba and practice my bachata dance. When the pandemic restrictions are lifted, I am really looking forward to traveling again.

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