On July 26, 2018, Equinox Gold shareholders voted 99.75% in favour to transfer all of the Company’s copper assets into a new company named Solaris Copper Inc. The Transaction closed on August 3, 2018 and Solaris Copper is now an unlisted, multi-asset exploration company focused on copper projects in the Americas. 

On July 26, 2018, Equinox Gold shareholders voted to spin-out the Company’s copper assets to form a separate copper-focused company named Solaris Copper Inc. Equinox Gold will continue to focus on advancing the Aurizona Gold Mine and the Castle Mountain Gold Mine to production while Solaris Copper explores and develops the copper projects to unlock the value of the copper portfolio. Sixty percent of the shares of Solaris Copper have been distributed to Equinox Gold shareholders with the remainder held by Equinox Gold. 

For the near-term Solaris Copper will operate as an unlisted reporting issuer, allowing the company to advance the properties and achieve key milestones before re-introducing the assets to the public market. Frequently asked questions about the transaction, the new Solaris Copper shares and the company’s intentions regarding a public listing are summarized in this downloadable Q&A

“Solaris Copper will control a portfolio of very promising exploration-stage projects located in world-class copper districts,” said Ross Beaty, Chairman of Equinox Gold. “Creating a standalone copper-focused company should give these projects the visibility and attention they deserve. With large copper deposits already identified, exceptional exploration upside and optionality from multiple properties, Solaris Copper represents an exciting growth-focused copper story.”

“Creating Solaris Copper to hold and advance Equinox Gold’s copper assets achieves another milestone in the business strategy we communicated to shareholders when we created Equinox Gold last year,” said Christian Milau, CEO and a Director of Equinox Gold. “We are creating value for Equinox Gold shareholders on two fronts now, with Solaris Copper providing exposure to rising copper prices while Equinox Gold offers substantial leverage to gold as we advance Aurizona and Castle Mountain to production.”

Separating the gold and the copper assets will allow Equinox Gold and Solaris Copper to pursue independent growth and capital allocation strategies and stay focused on the long-term plan that suits their portfolio of assets. Equinox Gold believes that the spin-out will provide shareholders with a number of benefits including:

Receiving your Solaris Copper Shares

If your Equinox Gold shares were deposited electronically in an online account, you won’t need to do anything to receive your Solaris Copper shares. The conversion will happen automatically and the shares will appear in your account. Since Solaris Copper is not listed, your Solaris Copper shares will not show a ticker symbol or a market value, but you should see them in your account. 

If you still hold physical share certificates or DRS advice for your Equinox Gold shares you need to submit them to Computershare before August 3, 2025 to effect the conversion and get your Solaris Copper shares. You should have received a Letter of Transmittal and instructions by mail or you can download it here. Please do not send your share certificates to Equinox Gold. They must be submitted to Computershare, preferably by courier or registered mail, to:

Computershare Investor Services
8th Floor, North Tower, 100 University Ave
Toronto, ON, Canada   M5J 2Y1

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